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PTSD- POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, is our greatest enemy as Veterans. Much has been written about it, and we at RUCK UP keep a reading list of resources for Veterans to learn more about it.  One of our favorites that we quote often here is Dr. Jonathan Shay, author of "Achilles in Vietnam"  and "Odysseus in America". Much of our Counseling work here uses some of Shay's work. While Shay doesn't like the clinical term "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.", we still use it here because there's a clinical need for it, we still have to work with the VA and the Social Security Administration for the benefit of the Veterans we serve here.  He thinks there's a stigma to it. So he speaks instead of "psychological injury" — to make it equal to any physical injury caused by a bullet or a bomb. "Soldier's Heart" is also the term we use often with PTSD, as it was the original term used here in the US, as far back as the Civil War.