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Advocacy- Ruck-Up's Advocacy efforts work in three ways, focusing on local advocacy, and limited federal advocacy on behalf of the Veterans.

Local advocacy-comes with helping Veterans get needed services with local and state agencies, to include Cheshire Housing, Keene Housing, and assistance in accessing the Veteran's Choice System in using Cheshire Medical Center. This ties into our Outreach team's work with the Keene Community Network Team, Easter Seals, Friends of Vets, AAV, VFW as well as local Sobriety Houses.

At the Federal level- our staff have members who have been trained to help Veterans with the VA claims and Social Security claims process. Our staff includes Federally Accredited VVA and United Spinal accredited VSO's, so we need to go to "the next level" in claims assistance process, and to help the Veteran address issues with the local VA Regional Offices- if needed.  We coordinate with programs like "Easter Seals", "Harbor Homes", "Friends of Veterans", and "Soldier On" for shelter or additional counseling. The idea being, similar to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, helping our fellow Vets obtain the needed benefits and resources they are entitled to so they can live healthy and comfortable lives.

If you have an Advocacy issue, contact us at our Office, and we will see if we can help! 603-903-1255

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