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OUTREACH services

Welcome to the Outreach Team Page!  We are here for YOU!!!

{ From left to right: Rod - Outreach Supervisor & Board Member; 

Jenni - Outreach Admin & Case Manager;

and Monali - Outreach Case Manager}

We are here to help with the necessities of life for our  Veterans of any era and branch of service; when life and circumstances "go off the rails". We work directly with other agencies on "Homelessness Prevention", housing, and limited economic assistance. 

Our Goal is simple- try to help Veterans STAY IN, or obtain stable living circumstances.

Veterans applying for assistance must:

  • Understand we will work with other agencies in efforts to assist them.
  • Accept that RUCK UP will act as coordinating agency for them, and MAY NOT give any economic assistance directly, or more than our $500 cap set for all cas s.
  • Recognize that all assistance is a HAND UP- NOT A HAND OUT;  our focus is to help our fellow Veterans RUCK UP and moving in the right direction again.
  • For assistance, please  

Outreach-  Using the Guidelines set out by the Federal McKinney-Vento act, our all Volunteer staff work as our Veterans Outreach- not just Counselors or board. This includes going out in the local community, not necessarily shelters or community centers, but local woods, homeless gathering sites, local sites where Veterans who are homeless "survivors" often accumulate or try to blend in with their surroundings, even local events.  This team is a vital part of our local interactions, as well as this team is our direct ties to:

  • the Warrior Connection,                       -AA, District 19 & Area 34                  -the Keene Community Network Team
  •  Southwest Community Services        -Friends of Veterans                              -Easter Seals & Vets Count
  • Local DAV, VFW, & American Legion Chapters , including VVA Chapter 1034
Our team of Veterans is our Team that runs Veterans to VA's, goes to shelters or into the "woodline" to track homeless Vets, runs our AA program, coordinate care with the VA CBOC or local care providers, and help run our food & clothing shelves for Veterans in crisis and need.  From 2015  to 2018, that included:

-placing 13 local Veterans in permanent housing [non-HUD/VASH].  

-Our yearly feeding local Veterans who are homeless or alone, at Thanksgiving,  [Pictures from past Cookouts can be seen below].

-Weekly cookouts, rain or shine, for Veterans.  

-From 2015 through 2018, RUCK-UP has given over 16 & 1/2 TONS of food to Vets in need or were homeless, averaging over 4&1/4 tons per year. 

-Outreach work includes the yearly Memorial Day Weekend Candlelight Vigil held in the Center of Keene each year, (for 13 years now) on Memorial Day Weekend to help Veterans come to peace with their losses, and reach out to other Veterans [Pictures from past Vigils can be seen below].

-Included in the Outreach is our continuing efforts with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention [AFSP}, in trying to bring the message and efforts home at preventing suicide amongst the Veteran population.  When we first began participating in the National WALK OUT OF DARKNESS that AFSP hosts to help with this drive to raise awareness, 5 local Vets did the Walk-in NYC 5 years ago.  This last year 46 of us stepped forward to say that the loss of 22 Veterans a day to Suicide is unacceptable. [PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT OUR WALK OUT OF THE DARKNESS TAB].

Outreach to us is any of us REACHING OUT to a Brother or Sister Veteran!