Ruck-Up, inc.
42 Upper Knight st
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RUCK-UP, inc. 


*Military term refers to a ruck sack which is another name for a back pack. At RUCK UP, Vets can "dump their Ruck" of memories, pressures, and problems. May also refer to all of one's personal gear. To "Ruck Up" is grab your gear, get back on your feet, and go!  
"Ruck Up Soldiers  five minutes move out! "  **Urban Dictionary .com

Ruck-Up is a 501(c)3 Corporation, EIN# 80-0644387 and non profit # 31954, filed with the Secretary of State's office, as a Veteran's Organization. 
Our Goals and Aims are best described in our Mission & Focus Statements: 

"We the membership and board of RUCK-UP, Herby associate and pledge to reach out to Veterans of Good Service, peacetime or war, active and reserve component;  for the purpose of advocacy, consulting, mentoring, aiding in time of need, and strengthening by association Veterans who are in crisis, disabled, or homeless.  The Goal of RUCK-UP Inc. shall focus on helping those Veterans in crisis or need, and help solve financial, physical, or advocacy needs that cannot be met by means of mainstream Veteran's Organizations, or the Veteran's Administration alone".

Ruck-Up provides several services for Veterans.  Our Focus is the 3 pillars that RUCK UP is built on:  
ADVOCACY- The efforts of RUCK UP and it's staff in this area include interaction on behalf of New England Veterans with local and State Agencies, work with and efforts in VA Service Connection claims, and Social Security claims, primarily SSDI.
COUNSELING- this includes both our interaction with the AA community, as well as 1:1 Peer Counseling and Group PTSD counseling;
OUTREACH- which includes our case management work, Food and Clothing Shelf operations for Veterans in crisis or who are homeless.
 Please feel free to click on the Services tab above to learn more.

In 2016 alone, Ruck-Up helped house 3 local Veterans, giving assistance to more than 150 overall.  Donated over 2 3/4 tons of food to Veterans and their families.  We provided over 2750 hours in counseling services.  We ensure that Veterans have a safe place to talk out their issues.  We helped win $4,912,648 million for Veterans in Social Security and VA Claims in 2016 alone.  Your generous donations will go a long way in helping Veterans and their family have a better life- at a local "in the trenches level".

 Donations:  100%  of all donations go towards helping Veterans, as everyone who helps at Ruck-Up is a VOLUNTEER- NO ONE GETS PAID!!
So there are no salaries or wages of any kind being paid out.  Ruck-Up works mainly on donations made, and the efforts of the Vets with us.
Not all donations have to be financial.  If your in the area and want to drop off a box of canned goods for our food shelf or maybe a pack of socks for our clothing shelf for example it would be just as appreciated. Some Vets have just brought coffee,...every little bit goes a long way!!
Please feel free to donate anyway you can. 
Thank you

A word from- AJ PAIGE, MA-CP, LSW 

Many of us know AJ, he’s one of the Counselors at RUCK UP, and the President of the Board, he is often one of our main driving forces.  This video was taken during the AFSP Walk out of Darkness this year at our nation’s capital.  As Veterans, we have all had a run in with suicide. But few of us make the connection to it, and PTSD.  It’s important to remember YOU are not alone.  There is help and there are those who not only understand but have been there themselves.  In the words of AJ himself just remember, we won't give in to the darkness- “Not Today”