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Say Hi to Our GSR for our Groups

Doug Flournoy is a 5 year US Navy Veteran and a cornerstone of our AA "Homebase" Group. Like coming back to the firebase, the Home Base AA Group is to help our Vets find their way back to friendly lines and sobriety. Doug is part of that step as our GSR- "General Services Rep" with District 19, Area 43 of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Feel Free Contact Doug at:

The AA component and Group is a huge part of our program at RUCK UP. 

We host 2 Groups at RUCK UP, in cooperation with District 19, Area 34 of AA.

Monday Home Base Group, starts at 5:30 pm. Runs a little longer than the normal 1 hour AA Group. Similar to a Vet Center style AA Meeting.

Friday RUCK UP/AA Reinforcement Group, {just like the name says, some REINFORCEMENT before the weekend, instead of a Happy Hour}. 

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